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New Providence Alliance Programs

The New Providence Alliance maintains a consistent presence in our community each year, striving to keep our citizens aware of current trends in drug and alcohol abuse impacting all of our lives. 

 We are funded by a grant from the Governor's Council of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, the Borough of New Providence and via our fund raising efforts.

The Alliance conducts programs that reach individuals in every age bracket of our community.  Here is a list of the programs offered by the Alliance:

 Prehistoric PALS and Forest Friends, both addressing self esteem and anti bullying for preschoolers and kindergarten students.

 DARE:  A ten week Drug Abuse Resistance Education program for all 5th graders, with follow up sessions for all Middle School students.

Teen Alternatives:  Events for teens, including Middle School and 6th grade dances, featuring Alliance funded DJ's.

Middle School Orientation: The Alliance holds a 7th Grade Scavenger Hunt, with a message of "Orientating Yourself Away From Drugs and Alcohol", for all incoming NPMS students.

Red Ribbon Week – a nationally recognized weeklong drug free celebration. This week encompasses several programs for kids in elementary through high school, starting with the Mayor's reading of the Proclamation to the NPMS Peer Leaders. Students tied red ribbons around the center of town, and headed back to NPMS for pizza and a nighttime dance.

Lindsay Meyer Teen Institute Training, a one week camp, for selected High School Juniors and onsite training for New Providence High Schools Teen Initiatives Club.

SAFETY BUG: A simulated drinking and driving hands on experience offered in conjunction with the PA State Police and New Providence Police Dept. The NPPD also leads classroom discussions related to the program.  

Project Graduation is also sponsored by the New Providence Alliance.  It is an all night after graduation program to provide the graduating seniors with a drug and alcohol free celebration.

Take Control of your Health Initiative for Senior Education to our senior citizens. The program focuses on prescription drugs use and was held at the Murray Hill Inn over several sessions and included a catered lunch. 

 New Providence Alliance Scholarship Program – each year we selected 2 students from NPHS that have demonstrated leadership and exhibited a keen interest in supporting the mission of the Alliance.

S.T.E.P.S Program:Offered to all New ProvidenceHigh School seniors. It addresses the issues seniors face as they transition to college or post high school life as it relates to drugs, alcohol and self-esteem. S.T.E.P.S (Students Transitioning into Educational/Employment Positions) provided these young men and women with the tools that are imperative to help them thrive and overcome obstacles they may come across 

The Alliance needs your support to continue to provide these and other great services to our community.  We welcome new ideas and members!

Here's how you can get involved:

 Consider joining The Alliance – we meet the second Tuesday of each month at the Murray Hill Inn at 7pm.  Stop by and learn more about us.

 Be sure to "like" us on Facebook.

 Donate your used and unwanted clothing at our Donation Bins by the EMT (across from the Recreation Department)

 For more information, please contact one of the Alliance Board Members at MunicipalAlliance@newprov.org 


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