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New Providence Firehouse
Facilities & Equipment

New Providence Firehouse

New Providence Fire House Engine 1 Engine 2 Truck 3 Engine 4 Truck 5
Personal Protection
Extrication/ Rescue


The New Providence Firehouse is located at 175 Floral Avenue. Construction started in 1993 and was finished in 1996. The first floor contains 7 bays to house our 3 engines and 1 ladder tower. We have a utility pick-up truck in the 5th bay and a utility work bay in the 6th. Also on the first floor is an air tank filling station and a radio room. The 2nd floor contains 3 offices which house the chief, hose company, and a meeting room. The third floor is run by the Hose company and contains our meeting room, full sized kitchen, TV room, and weight room.

Outside Pictures  
Front View of Fire House  
1st Floor Pictures  
Front of Trucks in Bay Back of Trucks in Bay
Back Gear Racks   Mid Gear Racks

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