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Firehouse History

Our Firehouses

When the Fire company was first formed in 1902 the base of operations was a blacksmith shop operated by John Wahl, one of its members. In 1905, the lot at 1308 Springfield Avenue was selected for a new firehouse to be built. The first meeting to be held in this new firehouse was in August of 1906.




This new firehouse cost approximately $134 to build and served the fire department for 45 years.

In 1946, the fire department requested a larger piece of land to meet the growing population of the town which reached 3,000 people. The lot on Passaic Street was purchased for $800 and the construction of the new firehouse began. The first meeting in the new building was held in March of 1951.




In 1956 an adjacent lot was purchased and a extension to the firehouse was built which more then doubled the size of the engine rooms. In 1991 the fire house was modified again to better fit the larger apparatus of the day.

In 1992 land was donated to the Borough by Prudential Insurance Company to build a new firehouse at 175 Floral Avenue.





Construction of the new firehouse started in 1993, and was completed in 1996, at a cost of $1,400,000. This firehouse currently houses the fire department and all its equipment.





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