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Senior Resources

In addition to the information below, The New Providence Senior Center has brochures, booklets, and other materials about senior-related topics.  Please visit the Center to leverage these resources and also to consult with the Director about other resources that may be available.

Helpful Agencies and Phone Numbers
This list of agencies and their phone numbers is provided for quick access to many services seniors might find useful.

SAGE Eldercare
SAGE Eldercare supports the independence, wellbeing and quality of life of older adults, their families and caregivers. Their website covers their services. 

 Union County Department of Human Services - Divison on Aging  
The Division on Aging's Information & Assistance team can assist you in locating services including, but not limited to, home care; legal services; nutrition; nursing homes, assisted living facilities; reverse mortgages; visiting physician /dentists; caregiver assistance programs; utility problems and questions about Medicare Part D. Please call the Division on Aging at 908-527-4870, or toll free at 1-888-280-8226.


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