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Train Station Parking


New Providence has two train stations, the New Providence station and the Murray Hill station. We sell an unlimited number of permits to residents and do not maintain a waiting list. Resident permits can be used at either train station. Permits do not guarantee a space; however we rarely get complaints that permit-holders cannot find a space since there are two stations to choose from.  Non-resident permits can be used only at the Murray Hill station, and we only sell 40 total non-resident permits.

Residents of New Providence may purchase a parking permit for the Murray Hill and New Providence train lots online: CLICK HERE to register and pay through Community Pass


The train station is located on Old Springfield Avenue, Summit. The nearest municipal parking lot is located on Springfield Avenue in New Providence opposite Pittsford Way. There is an additional smaller parking area next to the underpass access, which is considered a part of the New Providence lot.

  • Resident permit parking only, first come, first served
  • Permits sold quarterly or annually only; daily parking not available.
  • 121 regular spaces, 5 handicapped spaces
  • 0 spaces left on a daily basis; parking lot always full


  • The train station is located at Foley Place, New Providence.
  • Resident & Non-resident permit parking, first come, first served
  • 40 permits sold to non-residents
  • Offers permit parking at station lot (quarterly or annually) as well as no-permit-required daily parking along Floral Avenue between South Street and Foley Place (not in the actual lot). The daily spaces are open to anyone. The fee for the daily spaces is paid at the pay box at the station. Pay box takes bills, coins, smart cards, or credit cards (visa, mastercard, discover).
  • Smart cards are available for $100, which may be used for daily parking spaces only (Smart cards may be purchased at the Borough Clerk's Office on the 2nd Floor of the municipal building)
  • 176 regular spaces, 6 handicapped spaces
  • Approximately 20 spaces remain unused daily
  • 41 daily street spaces
  • Approximately 6 spaces left unused in daily street parking spaces


Resident fees for both stations (effective 1/1/2014): 

-          $325 / year  (the permit year runs from April 1– March 31)

-          $90 / qtr

-          $65 / last 2 months qtr

-          $35 / last month qtr

-          Daily Parking at Murray Hill $7.00


Non-resident fees for Murray Hill Station (maximum of 40 permits sold.  Effective 1/1/2014): 

-          $1,050 / year (the permit year runs from April 1– March 31)

-          $290 / qtr

-          $210 / last 2 months qtr

-          $105 / last month of qtr

-          Daily Parking at Murray Hill $7.00






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