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Borough Volunteer Advisory Committees

To be considered for a volunteer advisory committee, please complete the Volunteer Form

Beautification Advisory Committee

This committee makes recommendations to the governing body and executes new ideas for the Borough’s ambiance, character and appearance. This includes, but is not limited to improving parks, new sidewalks and crosswalks, lamp-posts, decorations, etc.

Cable TV Advisory Committee

This committee reviews the current TV franchise contract, that the Borough entered into in December 1998. The terms of the contract allow for a review, conducted by the Borough, during the fifth contractual year. This review will take no longer than six months to complete, and will entail a comprehensive evaluation of Comcast’s compliance to the terms of the contract. The committee will issue a report to the Mayor and governing body on their findings, including recommendations and an overall assessment.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee, assigned by the mayor,  is responsible for assessing diversity and the cultural climate within the Borough of New Providence,  identifying strengths and weaknesses, and creating a framework for inclusiveness and unity within our community.

 Emergency Management Committee

This committee coordinates the services of emergency response and resources between Police, Fire Department, Rescue Squad and other agencies, when applicable.

Historic Preservation Commission

The Commission, appointed by the mayor, makes recommendations to the governing body and executes ideas for preserving the borough's historical character including, but not limited to: identifying homes and buildings of significant interest within the borough; recognizing, identifying and fencing cemeteries within New Providence; recognizing historic buildings in the downtown area; and maintaining historical records pertaining to borough buildings and properties.

Information Technology Advisory Committee

The Information Technology Committee is an advisory committee composed of volunteers knowledgable in the various aspects of information technology. The field of information technology includes computer equipment, computer networks, software, and communications including telephony systems and wireless communications systems. The Committee provides advice to Borough Council and the administration regarding any matters in these fields that may come before them.

Insurance Advisory Committee

This committee reviews existing insurance plans and policies of the Borough, as well as coverage levels, as well as assisting with renewal and pricing negotiations.

NP-TV  Production Board

The goal of  the NP- TV  Production Board is to provide residents of our community access to government and educational events, activities, and information via local television broadcasts.

Sustainability Advisory Committee

This goal of this committee is to create a healthy community, now and in the future, by proposing measurable solutions to pressing environmental, social, and economic concerns of the Borough of New Providence, its partners and its people.  This advisory committee, appointed by the mayor, will focus on the following areas: creating healthy living environments; protecting, restoring, and maintaining ecological integrity; conserving energy and natural resources, and using them efficiently; balancing social, economic, and environmental concerns in decision making; promoting equity, human dignity, and social justice; emphasizing compliance with relevant laws and regulations; and creating strong partnerships with neighbors, businesses and the community.

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