Police Ask Public for Assistance

The New Providence Police Department is asking members of the public who have a boat or a high water vehicle to please let them know, so that they can keep a roster of potential resources in case of a flood.  They are interested in any type of watercraft – row boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, power boats, sail boats, and inflatable rafts, and where they are located throughout town.  They are also seeking animal cages that can be used to keep pets safe during a disaster.  If you have an extra cage or previously had a pet and no longer need the cage, please consider donating it to the police department.

“We would like to include all available local resources in our Emergency Preparedness plans,” said Police Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Anthony Buccelli.  “Often, it is the local resources that can be quickly deployed that are the most valuable to us during an emergency. Since we border the Passaic River and the Salt Brook artery runs through our town, flooding is a real threat during severe weather events.  If we have a list of what assets are at our disposal, we can quickly respond to whatever disaster we are facing.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation.  We live in an outstanding community and know that our residents look out for each other.  This is just another way that they can help their neighbors.”

To register your watercraft or donate an animal cage, please email Susan DeLuise at sdeluise@nppolice.org.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.