West Nile Virus

Mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus have been detected in Union County over the past few years, and the Union County Mosquito Control will treat any areas with positive mosquitoes to reduce the mosquito populations in those areas.  West Nile virus is seen most often during the summer and early fall months.

Recently, West Nile Virus infected mosquitos have been detected in 5 communities in Union County, including Berkeley Heights, Clark, Mountainside, New Providence and Roselle Park.  The areas identified have received additional surveillance and adulticiding.

It is important that those who spend time outdoors protect themselves from mosquito bites.  Using an EPA registered repellant, such as one containing DEET, is the best way to prevent mosquito bites.  Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants can also be helpful.  All efforts should also be made to eliminate standing water.

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