NP COVID-19 Update

NP COVID19 Update:

Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Tuesday 4/28 7pm


118 Total Cases

22 Recovered

21 Deaths

75 Active Cases


Lantern Hill Independent Living:

(These cases are included in the above NP reported totals)

9 Cases

3 Deaths


Long Term Care (LTC)

(LTC cases are included in the above NP reporting totals):


Lantern Hill LTC-

16 Active Cases

9 Deaths


Spring Grove LTC-

24 Active Cases

5 Deaths



4 New Cases

2 New Deaths


Please note: We report case information as given to us by the Board of Health and by the State. The State has recently changed the way they are recording the Long Term Care (LTC) cases and have been readjusting their numbers accordingly. The State now includes LTC cases in our NP case totals. Case numbers can also vary day to day because of a mis-recorded logged address (an NP resident with a Summit or BH mailing address for example). We will continue to keep you informed as we receive confirmed information.


We are disheartened to report four new cases today, and tragically two new deaths. We mourn with our families who have lost a loved one. This is so profoundly sad for our community.  Please take a moment to say a prayer for them, for their families, for our afflicted, for all our healthcare workers, first responders, essential personnel, and for our community. In solidarity, support, and, in remembrance of our lost, please join us in putting lights in your windows or outdoors to light up our neighborhoods at night through this crisis in the fight against COVID-19. For more information please visit


The Governor is now allowing pet grooming, pet daycare, and pet bordering establishments to reopen. Retail establishments that sell items necessary for religious observation or worship are now also permitted to reopen. Car dealerships can permit test drives before pick up or delivery if car is sanitized. Personal care service providers can only provide their services to family members or romantic partners who live with them. We are anticipating more reopenings, as we see more COVID19 recoveries by the State. Please note: The State determines reopenings and not the Borough.


We have “Good Things Happening in NP” to report. The “Kungfu Panda Family of New Providence” have donated several boxes of masks, which we distributed around the Borough where needed. We thank them for their continued generous contributions to our community. Linda Tribuna of Linda’s Creative Gifts at 1259 Central Ave in New Providence will be hosting another Mask Giveaway with donations graciously accepted for the New Providence Rescue Squad tomorrow, Wednesday 4/29 11am-2pm and this Friday  5/1 11am-2pm.


Stay strong! Stay safe! And Stay Home! We are getting through this together!

Pioneer Strong!

-Mayor Al Morgan


New Providence