A Joint Statement from Mayor Al Morgan and New Providence Police Chief Theresa Gazaway

What happened in Minneapolis to George Floyd is devastating and unconscionable. Our community mourns with his family and the people of Minneapolis. It is an outrage for something so horrible as this to have occurred. The video is so disturbing and upsetting. The actions of these officers are in complete violation of the police oath and contrary to good police training.


New Providence and The New Providence Police Department are 100% completely committed to protecting life and serving our community. “Protect and Serve” is our creed as it should be in all communities. The New Providence Police are continuously trained on use of force, preventing bias based policing, ethics, and de-escalation techniques. A thorough administrative review is conducted after each and every use-of-force incident. Our police officers have a sworn duty to uphold the law, protect life, and do what is right. Our officers are accountable and do all they can to maintain the trust of our community who grant them the privilege to serve us.


I have complete faith in our police department and in our new Police Chief Theresa Gazaway. Our Police Department was one of the first to be accredited by the New Jersey Police Chiefs Association, and have since been reaccredited three more times. I fully trust each and every Police Officer in our department with my life, my family’s lives, and our community’s. Our Police Department has the full confidence of Mayor and Council, and are a true example of what good community policing is about.

Our hearts and prayers are with the family and community of George Floyd.


Mayor Al Morgan and New Providence Police Chief Theresa Gazaway

New Providence