NP COVID19 Update:

Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Tuesday  5/19  7pm


We are happy to report no new cases today and no new deaths. This is great news! Please continue to keep our lost, afflicted, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Please also continue to keep a light in your window to help light up our nights in support, remembrance, and in solidarity in our fight against COVID-19. We are getting through this! We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information.


Governor Murphy unveiled a multi-stage approach to help restart the economy and begin reopening businesses and activities based on level of disease transmission risk and essential classification. We are well-positioned (and ready!) to get things going again and begin returning to normalcy. Please know we are bound by state laws and mandates. So as much as we would like to open things up sooner here in New Providence, such as fields and activities etc, we must comply with all of the  Governor’s Executive Orders. As soon as the Governor’s office gives us the green light, we are on it. We are optimistic and will continue to keep you informed.

We are currently in Stage 1, with the hope and aim to move through each stage quickly, but judiciously, with public health and safety the first priority.


Governor Murphy’s approach includes the following stages:



Maximum restrictions with most individuals staying at home and activity limited to essential tasks. Permitted activities and businesses include:

* Emergency health care

* Essential construction

* Manufacturing

* Essential retail, including grocery stores and pharmacies



Restrictions relaxed on low-risk activities if appropriately safeguarded. New Jersey is currently in this stage. Phased-in businesses may include:

* Non-essential, but easiest to safeguard, work activities at physical locations if they meet safeguarding and modification guidelines. For example, non-essential construction with protections.

* Some non-essential retail may open with significant modifications. For example, curbside pickup.

* All workers who can work from home continue to work from home even if their industry is reopening. For example, an office manager for a construction company.

Phased-in activities include State and county parks, non-essential construction, curbside retail, drive-in activities, beaches, and elective surgeries.



Restrictions are relaxed on additional activities that can be easily safeguarded. Phased-in businesses may include:

* More work activities are allowed at physical locations only if they adhere to safeguarding and modification guidelines. For example, work activities to be phased-in over the course of Stage 2 may include expanded retail, safeguarded restaurants with outdoor seating, limited personal care, and possibly indoor dining, museums, and libraries, all with significantly reduced capacity.

* All workers who can work from home continue to work from home. For example, a buying manager for restaurants.

* Some personal care services may be provided on a limited basis.



Restrictions are relaxed on most activities with significant safeguarding. Phased-in businesses include:

* More work activities, including in-person meetings, are allowed at physical locations only if they can adhere to safeguarding guidelines and modifications. For example, work activities to be phased-in over the course of Stage 3 may include expanded dining, critical in-office work, limited entertainment, expanded personal care, and bars with limited capacity.

* All workers who can work from home continue to work from home. For example, accounting office workers.

* Personal care services may be provided on a more extended basis.


Precautions that apply across all stages include:

* Work that can be done from home should continue to be done from home.

* Clinically high-risk individuals who can stay at home should continue to do so.

* All residents and businesses should follow state and federal safeguarding guidelines:

* Wash hands

* Wear masks in public

* Respect social distancing

* Minimize gatherings

* Disinfect workplace and businesses

* Minimize gatherings

* No mass gatherings

New Jersey will move toward subsequent stages based on data that demonstrates improvements in public health and the capacity to safeguard the public, including:

* Sustained improvements in public health indicators, including new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, individuals in intensive care, and ventilator use.

* Substantial increase in testing and contact tracing capacity.

* Sufficient resilience in New Jersey’s health care system to include adequate bed capacity, ventilators, personal protective equipment, and workforce.

* Widespread safeguarding of workplaces.

* Widespread safeguarding and capacity of child care, schools, and transit.

* Continued public compliance.


If public health indicators, safeguarding, or compliance worsen on a sustained basis, New Jersey will be prepared to move back to more restrictive stages. Again, please know that New Providence is bound by state law and mandates, which we must follow. For more information:


Today we accepted FEED-to-GIVE fundraiser proceeds of $1300 on behalf of Community Service Association of New Providence for the New Providence Grotta Fund, which benefits our seniors and most vulnerable in our community. This initiative has raised over $20,000 through chicken sales and corporate fundraising campaigns since its inception just over a month ago. This was made possible by the supportive efforts of towns, community leaders, residents and corporate donors. Our next FEED-to-GIVE event here in New Providence will be June 3rd. Information will be forthcoming as the date gets closer. This program is a win-win for our community, by providing affordable farm fresh chicken for residents while raising money for our community. Thank you to Al Licata, all the organizers, volunteers, donors, the Lions Club, the Community Service Association, and all participants. We look forward to our next event!


New Providence Our Community For All Committee has arranged to have Flag Kits available to our community for everyone to participate in a community Flag Day Event in celebration of our Tricentennial. Anyone in New Providence: individuals, families, a group, a sports team, or an organization is welcome to design and decorate a square of cotton fabric with weather-safe markers or paints. The squares will be collected and strung like pennant flags on ropes from the roof lines and railings of the pavilion in Centennial Park. The flags will be on display for several weeks. Please sign up here for your free flag kit here:


Please stay safe, be well, and stay strong! We are getting through this together, one day closer to normalcy. Pioneer Strong!

– Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence