NP COVID19 Updates:

Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Thursday  5/21  7pm

We are are happy to report no new cases today and no new deaths. Please continue to take precautions and follow all safety protocols including social distancing, using masks in all prescribed areas, and where social distancing is difficult. Please wash hands often! Please continue to keep our lost, afflicted, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Please also continue to keep a light in your window to help light up our nights in support, remembrance, and in solidarity in our fight against COVID-19. We will get through this! We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information.


Mental Health Awareness:

Especially during these unprecedented times, if you or someone you know is struggling with any mental health issues, please call the NJ Mental Health Cares Helpline at ☎️ (866) 202-4357. They are available 7 days/week 8AM – 8PM. Callers will be connected to support, virtual stress relief sessions, and receive a call back from a counselor for more crisis counseling. No one should suffer alone. If in doubt, please call. Help is only a phone call away and could save a life.


Kindness Goes a Long Way:

Please remember that we are all in this together. A kind word, gesture, and understanding is so important. This is a stressful time, frustrating, and often aggravating. Nerves are frayed and tensions are high. It may not take much to set someone off and create an unnecessarily bad situation. We are all neighbors. All of our lives and livelihoods have been turned upside down, and an awful lot has been asked of us. We all have different ideas and beliefs about how things should be handled and how things should be proceeding, especially with re-opening. Please be respectful of each other and each other’s choices. We can respectfully agree to disagree while maintaining our friendly and neighborly community. We are all obligated to follow the law despite our feelings, agreement, or disagreement with it. Please know that New Providence does not have the legal authority to open anything without the Governor’s ok during this crisis. As your Mayor, I do not have the legal authority to defy our Governor’s Executive Orders. Please be assured, as soon as we get a green light from the Governor’s office, we are on it! That being said, we will enforce the laws and all the mandates. Rather than get into a confrontation, the proper way to handle non-compliances (non-social distancing, masks, gatherings, etc) is to call the police (908) 665-1111, who are trained and prepared for these situations. Please do not “police” situations yourself, try to disperse gatherings, or confront people. Your safety and the safety and peace of our community is our number one priority. Please continue to take personal responsibility for yourself and for your children and families. Compliance with all safety protocols will help open everything up sooner. Non-compliances will only delay re-openings. Thank you for your help and understanding.


It’s time to put in your orders for our June 3rd FEED-to-GIVE Fundraising Chicken Extravaganza Sale if you would like to participate. Please see flyer for more details and pricing.


Farm fresh chicken wings, quarters, tenders, boneless breasts, and boneless thigh meat is available for purchase. All orders must be pre-paid.


To order, either:

PayPal (select “friends” option)




Venmo @Ada-Law8 (last 4 digits of phone #6609)


Specify New Providence Pick-Up June 3rd with your order request.


You will receive a comment back (or email if PayPal’ing) with your confirmation, your pick up number, and your pick-up time.


On Wednesday, June 3rd, when you come to the New Providence Community Pool Parking Lot at your pick up time, have your pick up number and name displayed on your dashboard. Remain in your car. Your order will be placed in your trunk. It is very easy and very organized with no contact.


If you have any questions or inquiries about the chicken or this event please text: (917) 828-7618


The chicken is delicious, affordable, and the net profits from this event will be donated to our New Providence Community for All Organization benefiting our seniors and most vulnerable.  After our last successful event, $1300 was donated! Thank you to all who have/are helping organize, volunteering, supporting, and participating in this community win-win fundraising event!



New Providence Our Community For All Committee has arranged to have Flag Kits available to our community for everyone to participate in a community Flag Day Event in celebration of our Tricentennial. Anyone in New Providence: individuals, families, a group, a sports team, or an organization is welcome to design and decorate a square of cotton fabric with weather-safe markers or paints. The squares will be collected and strung like pennant flags on ropes from the roof lines and railings of the pavilion in Centennial Park. The flags will be on display for several weeks. Please sign up here for your free flag kit here:


Please stay strong, be well, and keep positive! We are one day closer to normalcy. We will get through this together. Pioneer Strong!

– Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence