NP COVID19 Updates:

Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Wednesday 5/6 6pm


128 Total Cases

46 Recovered

24 Deaths


Lantern Hill Independent Living:

(Included in the above NP reported totals)

9 Positive Cases

3 Deaths


Long Term Care (LTC)

(Included in the above NP reporting totals) Lantern Hill LTC-

16 Positive Cases

9 Deaths


Spring Grove LTC-

(Included in the above NP reporting totals)

29 Positive Cases

7 Deaths


Total LTC Cases: 54

Total LTC Deaths: 19


Total NP Cases w/o LTC: 74

Total NP Recovered w/o LTC: 46

Current NP Active Cases w/o LTC: 28

Total NP Deaths w/o LTC: 5



2 New Cases

0 New Death


We have two new cases reported today. It is so important to follow all of our protocols so we can help keep everyone safe. Please continue to shelter in, only essential outings, and if out, social distancing is required and will be enforced. No gatherings. No get togethers. Mask when and where you can including all open retail establishments and on all NJ Transit. Please continue to keep our lost, afflicted, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Please put a light in your window to help light up our nights in support, remembrance, and in solidarity in our fight against COVID-19.


The Governor signed Executive Order 138 which extends the public health emergency for 30 more days for us here in New Jersey.


Please continue to stay strong, and keep positive. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information. We will get through this together. Pioneer Strong!

-Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence