Tennis Update from Mayor Al Morgan


Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Monday May 4th 10:30am



Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and an opportunity to enjoy the good weather. We have some good news. The Governor is now permitting municipalities to open outdoor tennis courts with restrictions. We will re-open our New Providence outdoor tennis courts beginning today for New Providence residents ONLY and with the following restrictions:


  1. Tennis courts will only be open and available to New Providence residents only, which will be enforced. Please have ID with you (license, student ID, etc).


  1. Singles tennis only. No doubles. No gathering. No lingering. No exceptions.


  1. Tennis courts will be open 7:30am until dusk. No night play. No lights will be on as the State’s curfew is still in place.


  1. Tennis play is limited to 1 hour with no lingering after.


  1. Social distancing must be observed 6’ or more apart and no contact (no handshaking, no high-fives, etc).


  1. No bathrooms will be available. Public restrooms remain closed.


Please observe these rules and restrictions so that we can keep our tennis courts open for our residents to use and enjoy. Have a great day!

-Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence