Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Monday 6/15 6pm

We are happy to report no new cases and no new deaths today or over the weekend! Things are looking good right now for us here in New Providence. Please continue to take precautions. We are hopefully almost through this pandemic.


Effective today 6/15:

Governor Murphy and Superintendent of the State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan announced an Administrative Order that permits libraries to allow curbside pickup, beginning today, Monday, June 15th. The order clarifies rules affecting a number of different businesses.

Under the order:

Libraries are permitted to offer curbside pickup and can reopen their outdoor spaces to the public, but patrons shall not be permitted to enter the brick-and-mortar premises; Restaurants and indoor recreational and entertainment businesses are permitted to allow individuals to tour their facilities for event-planning purposes, but such individuals must wear face coverings at all times and the facility may not provide food or drink tastings or samplings; Students, who may be accompanied by parents or guardians, may enter school premises to retrieve personal belongings from lockers, classrooms, or other areas; Open houses to view real estate are permitted, provided they comply with the restrictions on indoor gatherings, including the requirement that attendees wear face coverings; Bicycle shops, boat dealerships, car and used car dealerships, farming equipment stores, federal firearms licensees, livestock feed stores, mobile phone retail and repair shops, motorcycle dealerships, and nurseries and garden centers can operate according to the requirements placed on essential retail businesses; All car washes can operate according to the requirements placed on essential retail businesses; Yard and garage sales are permitted subject to the requirements on indoor gatherings, but municipalities shall have the discretion to impose additional restrictions on these sales; Special events, including fireworks displays, at public and private beaches, boardwalks, lakes, and lakeshores are permitted, subject to the restrictions on outdoor gatherings; and Shared space tutoring service facilities remain closed to students and clients. A copy of the Administrative Order can be found here:


Effective 6/22:

Governor Murphy Signed Executive Order 154 allowing Personal Care Service Facilities to re-open June 22nd with restrictions issued by the Division of Consumer Affairs and Department of Health.Under the Governor’s Executive Order, personal care service facilities include:

Cosmetology shops;

Barber shops;

Beauty salons;

Hair braiding shops;

Nail salons;

Electrology facilities;

Spas, including day spas and medical spas, at which solely elective and cosmetic medical procedures are performed; Massage parlors; Tanning salons; and Tattoo parlors. The Division of Consumer Affairs today issued an Administrative Order that includes comprehensive health and safety standards that personal care services who are licensees of the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling and the New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy must abide by. Safeguards include:

Limiting services to appointment-only;

Performing health screening, including temperature checks, on clients and staff prior to entry to the facility; Requiring use of personal protective equipment, and requiring clients to wear face coverings at all times, regardless of the service they are receiving, unless face down on a massage table or where doing so would inhibit an individual’s health; Ensuring that all staff-client pairs maintain at least six feet distance between other staff-client pairs, unless separated by physical barriers; Adopting enhanced cleaning and disinfection practices; and Staying informed about new developments and guidance related to COVID-19. The Order further directs the Commissioner of the DOH to issue health and safety standards for use by tattoo parlors, tanning salons and other locations in which personal care services are offered by individuals  who are not acting within the scope of a license issued by a professional board within the Division of Consumer Affairs. Nothing in the Order shall prevent the provision of services to a person that is confined to their home and unable to travel due to a disability, if these services 1) are permitted under existing statutes and regulations and 2) are provided in a manner that substantially complies with standards issued by the Division of Consumer Affairs and DOH.  DOH issued an Executive Directive today that includes comprehensive health and safety standards for these locations.

Cosmetology schools or other places that provide instruction and training for personal care services shall remain closed at this time. For a copy of Executive Order No. 154, please click here:

For a copy of the Division of Consumer Affairs’ Administrative Order, please click here:

For a copy of the Department of Health’s Executive Directive, please click here:


We had a lot of events and activities around town this past weekend:


Congratulations to all Heritage Day Scavenger Hunt participants! Over 60 people participated in this fun event this past weekend. Thank you to our volunteers who put together this fun event and to all who entered.


The NPOCFA (New Providence Our Community For All) along with help from volunteers, hung banners, made by residents, on the Gazebo in Centennial Park. Thank you to all who volunteered and participated. The banners look great and will be on display through early July. Please try to stop by the park to see them all.


Our neighborhoods were lit with luminaries this past Saturday night for Relay for Life’s “Light the Fight” supporting cancer survivors and those who have lost their battle. Thank you to all who participated and contributed.


Flag Day was not celebrated our traditional way with the annual American Legion Flag Retirement Ceremony, but our neighborhoods were festooned with American Flags, which looked very patriotic. Also, everyone is invited to participate in the NP Flag Challenge all this week during FLAG WEEK (June 14-20)and submit a photo with their American flag to be included in an ‘American Flags Across New Providence’ slideshow video that is being put together. Please submit your photo(s) and/or picture(s) by Friday 6/20 9pm to:


Here is the link with more information:


Earlier yesterday we came together in celebration of Race Unity Day. Our Diversity Committee had an inspirational and educational program to promote racial harmony and understanding. Then later yesterday evening, we had a beautiful and moving Vigil for Black Lives hosted by Claire Alvine, with fellow students and young people, in partnership with our Diversity Committee and the Borough of New Providence. It was well attended by our community under the beautiful banners our residents made for NPOCFA, which are on display at the Gazebo in Centennial Park through early July.  Events like these are so important to bring us closer together, to have conversations, and to learn together and from each other with an open heart. It is ever so important for each and every one of us to become an ally. Being an ally means being willing to act with and for others to end oppression and create equality. It starts with us, it starts at home, it starts right here.


Be well, stay safe, and keep strong! We are one day closer to normalcy. Pioneer Strong!

-Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence