Update from Mayor Al Morgan
Thursday 6/04 8pm

158 Total Cases
61  Recovered
26  Deaths

Long Term Care (LTC) cases are included in the above NP reporting totals:

Lantern Hill Independent Living:
9 Positive Cases
3 Deaths

Lantern Hill LTC:
17 Positive Cases
9 Deaths

Spring Grove LTC:
46 Positive Cases
8 Deaths

Total LTC Cases: 72
Total LTC Deaths: 20

Total NP Cases w/o LTC: 86
Total NP Recovered w/o LTC: 61
Current NP Active Cases w/o LTC: 19
Total NP Deaths w/o LTC: 6

1 New Cases (0 LTC and 1 non-LTC)
0 New Deaths
4 New (non-LTC) Recovered

We have 1 new case (non-LTC) and no new deaths to report today. We also have 4 new non-LTC recovered for a total of 61 confirmed non-LTC recoveries since on-set. Although encouraging news, this virus is still here, so it is important to continue following all safety protocols, washing hands, disinfecting, and socially distancing.  Please continue to keep our lost, afflicted, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Please also continue to keep a light in your window to help light up our nights in support, remembrance, and in solidarity in our fight against COVID-19. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information.

I attended a protest today in downtown New Providence along with Police Chief Theresa Gazaway and members of our Borough Council. The peaceful assembly of friends and neighbors started in front of the Village Shopping Center on Springfield Ave and marched to Downtown Summit and back. We spoke and listened about social injustices and shared our commitment to wipe out racism. Except for the heat, and the lack of an official organizer, it was a very moving and inspirational event. I commend the attendees for exercising social distancing as best as could, and wearing masks. We are still in a pandemic. Our Diversity Committee Chairman spoke about the importance of opening our hearts to get to the root of racism and the long road ahead changing hearts and minds. It is a journey that we will embark upon together as a community. The Diversity Committee has an upcoming virtual Race Unity Event planned. Details will be forthcoming shortly. Thank you to our police department for their good service to our community and for their support and participation today at this event. Thank you to all who attended and supported. You make New Providence proud!

The Governor signed Executive Order No. 150, permitting outdoor dining starting on Monday, June 15th, with an accompanying Executive Directive from the New Jersey Department of Health that lays out health and safety standards that food or beverage establishments are required to follow. In addition, the Governor announced a special ruling by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control creating a pathway for liquor license holders to expand the premises on which they may serve alcohol. Executive Order No. 150 allows outdoor dining at food or beverage establishments in New Jersey starting on Monday, June 15th. Establishments will be required to follow a number of COVID-19 health and safety protocols issued by the Department of Health, including a limit of eight customers per table, and requirements of at least six feet of distance between parties. In addition, for as long as indoor dining is not permitted, food or beverage establishments are required to prohibit smoking in any outdoor areas designated for the consumption of food and/or beverages. The Order further notes that municipalities are permitted to use their existing authority to allow food or beverage establishments to expand their footprint to outdoor areas, both within their property and among municipally-governed areas, including but not limited to sidewalks, streets, or parks. Additionally, a special ruling by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) will temporarily permit establishments with liquor licenses to expand their licensed premises into outdoor areas that are either contiguous or non-contiguous to their permanently licensed premises. Establishments may apply through the POSSE ABC Online Licensing system, and if approved will be issued a temporary permit effective on June 15th that will run until November 14, 2020. ABC will not take action on any application until it receives an endorsement or approval by the appropriate governing body officials, and it is the responsibility of the licensee to comply with local ordinances and site plan requirements.

Copy of Executive Order No. 150:

Copy of DOH Executive Directive on Outdoor Dining:

Copy of NJ ABC Special Ruling:

Grass, Brush Collection Update:
Brush will be picked up Saturday. If your brush has not yet been collected, keep it out at curbside – it will be collected on Saturday. Please expect pickup delays during this pandemic.  Our contractors are experiencing staffing issues and garbage collection is their priority concern. They will collect brush when they can. If your brush is not picked up on Monday, leave it out and it will be picked up – just keep it outside. Our trucks will not be able to get it all on Monday – they are short staffed.Thank you for your patience.

Be well, stay safe, and keep strong! We are one day closer to normalcy! Pioneer Strong!
-Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence