Update from Mayor Al Morgan

Friday 6/12 8pm


159 Total Cases

26  Total Deaths

10   Active Cases


Long Term Care (LTC) cases are included in the above NP reporting totals:


Lantern Hill Independent Living:

9 Positive Cases

3 Deaths

0 Active


Lantern Hill LTC:

17 Positive Cases

9 Deaths

0 Active


Spring Grove LTC:

46 Positive Cases

8 Deaths

2 Active


Total LTC Cases: 72

Total LTC Deaths: 20

Active: 2


Total NP Cases w/o LTC: 87

Current NP Active Cases w/o LTC: 8

Total NP Deaths w/o LTC: 6



0 New Cases

0 New Deaths


We are very happy to report no new cases, no new deaths. We have updated recovered and active cases at Lantern Hill and Spring Grove. All of our Lantern Hill cases have thankfully recovered and there are no active cases there. At Spring Grove we have 2 active cases. This very good and news. COVID-19 is still here, so please continue following all safety protocols, and practicing social distancing. Please continue to keep our lost, afflicted, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. We would also like to continue to keep a light in our windows until every COVID-19 afflicted is recovered. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information.


Due to COVID19 concerns, the American Legion had decided some time ago that they would not be hosting our traditional Flag Day flag burning ceremony. They respectfully requested that we each try, if we are able, to display an American flag on Flag Day this Sunday. As a community we want to honor Flag Day, our Veterans who fought for our freedom, and honor our country. This year, in honor of Flag Day, the community is invited to participate in a New Providence Flag Day Challenge which will be on-going all this week during Flag Week (traditionally celebrated June 14th-20th). Thank you to my wife, Christine Morgan, Maria Deluca, the New Providence Diversity Committee, and our Heritage Committee for putting this fun, educational, and interactive patriotic activity together for our community. We look forward to seeing all of your pictures and submissions in the slideshow next week just in time for July 4th weekend. Please see below for details about this event:






This Sunday, June 14th is Flag Day. Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Flag Week is traditionally celebrated the week of Flag Day June 14th-20th.


Since the founding of the United States in 1776, there have been 27 different versions of the flag featuring the stars and stripes. Each new flag represented the addition of one or more states as the United States grew westward to fulfill what it believed to be its manifest destiny of expansion in North America.


The American flag, also called “Old Glory” and the “Stars and Stripes” has 13 horizontal stripes alternating red and white, and in the canton, 50 white stars of alternating numbers of six and five per horizontal row on a blue field (this is called the union part of the flag).


The rules for handling and displaying the U.S. Flag are defined by a law known as the U.S. Flag Code.



  1. This week during Flag Week, read the US Flag Code.


  1. Do you have an American flag or flag bunting on display at your home? After reading the US Flag Code, check to see if it is properly displayed. You can also draw a properly displayed flag.


  1. Send us a picture of your flag, uniform flag patch, flag drawing, selfie with your flag, family photo with or next to your flag, and/or pet flag photos. We also welcome organizations, departments, and our local businesses to participate! *Please be sure you have permission to post anyone in your photo.


Post your photo or picture here and/or email to :


All pictures submitted (facebook & email) will be collected and used in a community video slideshow showcasing American Flags Across New Providence, and then will be shared with the community.


Deadline to participate, post, or submit pictures (as many as you would like!) is next Friday June 20th 9pm. You have all week, Flag Week! to participate! Happy Flag Day! 🇺🇸


For more information:


Be well, stay safe, and keep strong! We are one day closer to normalcy! Pioneer Strong!

– Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence