Friday 6pm Update from Mayor Al Morgan:

There is just no good way to say this. Today has not been a good day for good news. The only actionable items that occurred today were a tree removed from Pitney Ave and a tree removed from Fairview Ave. After repeated calls and requests, we were just told by JCP&L that no restoration of power will occur today, which is completely UNACCEPTABLE. We can not even believe it. We are continuing relentlessly to press JCP&L to take care of our residents. Unfortunately, we are completely at their mercy. Today’s Mayors’ conference call discussed our many frustrations, and lack of action. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear or see any progress. JCP&L has a lot to answer for. We will continue pressing them until every home and business is restored. Please stay strong.


Here are a few more answers to questions we are receiving:


  1. JCP&L has 2 divisions: JCP&L Forestry Division, which is responsible for tree and branch removal. And JCP&L Power Division, which is responsible for power restoration. These two divisions work independently of each other.


  1. Our DPW can only remove trees and branches which are not entangled with power lines. Only the JCP&L Forestry Division can remove trees and branches with entangled power lines and wires.


  1. JCP&L answers to the Public Utilities Commission.


Despite today’s disappointments, our OEM, DPW, Police, Fire, EMS, and our Borough employees have been stellar, going above and beyond during this crisis. We are so appreciative of all their efforts. Our community has really stepped and has been helping each other, which honestly, is helping to get us all through this mess. Mayor and Council thank each and every one of you!


We will continue to update you as we received confirmed information. Please continue to check in on each other. The charging station at the Recreation Gym on Academy Street will remain open between 9am-5pm until all power is restored. Please wear a mask and socially distance. Stay strong. We will get through this.

– Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence