Saturday 8/8 10:20am Update


Saturday 8/8 10:20am Update from Mayor Al Morgan:
We are starting to see activity up on Oakwood Dr and the Holmes Oval areas, which is a good good sign! Mountain Ave is partially back up, however there may be a hard shutdown to reconnect the whole circuit. No news yet about Springfield Ave areas, which is outrageous, it’s a county road. This is unconscionable and completely unacceptable, and we have expressed this to JCP&L in no uncertain terms. Summit Medical is also still partially without power. Please hang in there. We are on it and will not stop until every home and business is restored. DPW and crews on the ground continue to perform stellarly. We are so grateful and appreciative of all their efforts. I just spoke with our JCP&L rep, who is reporting back to me after conclusion of their morning meeting. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information. Stay strong! We will get this done. Please hang in there.
New Providence