Tuesday 8/11 Morning Update from Mayor Al Morgan


Tuesday 8/11 Morning Update from Mayor Al Morgan:
We have 1 home left. We have only 1 home out of 5243 homes left to restore in New Providence, and it is scheduled to be restored this morning. We will not stop until everyone is fully restored. To say that our resolve was tested, and our patience taxed, is an understatement. This was hard. We were angry, and rightfully so, but we hung in there. We came together as a community, worked together, and we got through it. Pioneer Strong! What we have endured, especially during these pandemic conditions, is nothing short of incredible. I can not even begin to find the words to thank our incredible OEM team, coordinated by our Police Chief Theresa Gazaway, who all continuously worked through impossible circumstances. Thank you! Your hard work and dedication to this community is to be very highly commended. Chief Gazaway’s leadership and partnership with my office and with me was beyond stellar, always focused, and kept everyone on task. We are all so grateful! Our outstanding Police Department, DPW led by Director Ralph Parlapiano, our Volunteer Fire Department and our EMS, worked countless hours tirelessly for our community to help keep us all safe. We thank each and every one! Thank you also to our Borough Council, especially our Borough Council President Dr Bob Robinson who was lock step with full support every step of the way, and Councilwoman Nadine Geoffroy, who was boots on the ground helping facilitate communications. Thank you also to Bobbie Peer and TapInto for always helping us get information out to our community. Thank you to our incredible community for once again stepping up during a crisis, helping friends, neighbors, and each other in true Pioneer Spirit and camaraderie. Thank you! We all went through a lot. In the coming days and weeks, we will have a lot to go over and a lot to review. We are also in the process of bringing together our fellow mayors from our neighboring communities with our state legislators to put together actionable proposals for the Public Utilities Commission. We will not stop until we have done all we can to help improve their current system, which hamstrings municipalities like ours during crisis like these. More information about our Mayors Summit will be forthcoming shortly. In the meantime, be safe, keep well, and be strong.

Yours in New Providence,
Mayor Al


New Providence