NPCOVID19 10/21/20 Update from Mayor Al Morgan



4 – New reported cases (3 non-LTC and investigating 1 new LTC case at Spring Grove)


0 – New Deaths


We have 4 new COVID-19 cases in New Providence (3 non-LTC and 1 under investigation LTC case at Spring Grove) reported to us from the Board of Health. We wish all a speedy recovery!


Please be sure to continue to follow all CDC safety protocols outlined here:


We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information. Case numbers appear to be on the rise in neighboring communities. Let us be extra vigilant, washing hands often, wearing a mask where required, maintaining proper social distancing, and following all CDC guidelines. Be safe, keep well, and stay strong. We will get through this. Pioneer Strong!

– Mayor Al Morgan


New Providence