Where’s the Chair?? New! Week 3 Clue! and Week 1 Winners


The Business Community owns a giant Adirondack chair that we have used each year as an attraction at the Holiday Festival. We are now using the chair for a fun, new promotion – Where’s the Chair?

Each week starting on Fridays, we will be “hiding” it in a different location somewhere in town.  The chair will be travelling to its first location on Friday, October 2.  Clues will be posted every Thursday night and the chair will travel again on Friday to a new location.  It will stay in each location for the week.

Read the clue below, follow the instructions and you could be a winner!

(Please be gentle with our chair – we want everyone to be able to enjoy it for years to come!)


See Week #1 Winners!



CLUE 3:  Splash and play in the summer sun.  But once school starts our time is done….


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