NPCOVID19 11/15/20 Update from Mayor Al Morgan


Good Morning New Providence. Cases are continuing to climb in our community, across the county, and across the state. As of Saturday night, November 14th, we have 9 new COVID-19 cases reported to us from the Board of Health bringing our total to 28 active cases in New Providence as of this morning, all non-Long Term Care (non- LTC). There are currently no Long Term Care (LTC) cases, and thankfully no new deaths.


Here is a breakdown of today’s new cases updated as of last night:


– 7 new adult cases


– 1 High School aged student (not a NPHS student)


– 1 Middle School aged student (this was yesterday’s Board of Education letter – this case is also a remote learning at home student)


– This morning’s update also includes a count correction of minus one for a reversal of a previously reported case that was a false positive.


– 4 cases have now thankfully recovered and are no longer in the Active Case Count


We wish all a speedy recovery! Please continue to keep our lost, afflicted, and their families in your thoughts and prayers.


  • If you are not feeling well, please stay at home, self isolate, and get tested.


  • Please wear a mask.


  • Please be sure to socially distance.


  • Please wash hands often and continue to sanitize all surfaces.


  • Please answer the call if the Public Health Nurse contacts you.


  • Please be vigilant and talk with your children and families about taking extra precautions.


  • Please follow all CDC safety protocols outlined here:


We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information.


The NJ Department of Health breaks down the spread of COVID-19 into four factors:


  1. TIME: How long will you be in a place? More time sitting in one place means higher risk.


  1. SPACE: How much space will be around you? Less space means higher risk.


  1. PEOPLE: How many people will be around you? More people means higher risk.


  1. PLACE: What type of place are you going to? Indoor spaces mean higher risk.


Keeping these factors in mind can help you assess your risk while participating in activities. To learn more refer to this guide created by the NJ Department of Health:


Resources and additional information are available on the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub at, and on our borough website under the COVID-19 tab at


Be safe, keep well, and stay strong. We will get through this. Pioneer Strong!

– Mayor Al Morgan

New Providence