Diamond Jewelry Up For Grabs!


Keep Shopping New Providence!


When you shop at  you’ll receive a scratch-off ticket along with your receipt (while supplies last.) The more you shop, the more you can win! No one knows where the prizes are located – it’s up to YOU to find them! There are over 1,200 prizes – from a free soft drink, to merchandise, free gas, a special service, or even a meal!  Included among all those scratch-off prize tickets are several “Golden Tickets,” each revealing a HUGE prize.


The Weber Genesis II Grill Golden Ticket from Colonial Appliance has already been found!!


One Golden Ticket from Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist has also been found!!


You can still win big Golden Tickets – diamond jewelry, hair salon services and products, free dry cleaning, a gift basket and orthodontic services!  The contest continues until all of the tickets are distributed – someone is going to win – it could be you!

Promotion details are posted on the Business Community website, www.newprovbiz.com and the borough website at www.newprov.org


Please continue supporting our businesses during this difficult time – they can’t survive without you!

New Providence