Downtown Parking Alert

New Providence officials are aware of recent towing incidents that have occurred at the former Bank of America parking Lot.  The property, now owned by Cyzner Properties of Greenbrook NJ has been posted with signs advising that unauthorized vehicles parked in the lot may be towed at the owner’s expense.   Unfortunately, this comes as a surprise to most as customers of surrounding businesses have been parking in the lot owned by Bank of America for many years without consequence.

The new owner has decided that vehicles parked in the lot will be towed and they have engaged a towing company, For Less Towing of Plainfield to enforce the parking ban.

The Borough of New Providence, appointed officials, the police department and the Mayor and Council have no involvement in this matter, as the new owners have a right to remove vehicles from their property.  However, the Borough, through its attorney is actively working with the property owner’s attorney in an effort to find an amicable solution to these issues.

In the meantime, everyone is advised that they should not park in the former Bank of America parking lot.  The parking area is somewhat confusing, as it includes areas which appear to belong to surrounding property owners.  The areas in red, depicted on this site plan are where parking is prohibited by the new owners.  Please be guided accordingly.

New Providence