NPCOVID19 12/21/20 Monday Update from Mayor Al Morgan


We have 6 new Covid-19 cases in our community reported to us from the Board of Health. We have 2 recovered. Our current total active cases in New Providence is 37 (37 non-LTC cases and 0 LTC cases).


Here is a breakdown of our current cases:


– 6 New Adult non-LTC Cases

– 3 Recovered non- LTC Adults


– 37 Total Active Cases (all nonLTC)


New Providence has had a total of 203 positive COVID-19 cases since October 1st:


October – 12 Cases


November- 99 Cases


December (1st-21st) – 92 Cases


We wish all a speedy recovery! Please keep our lost, afflicted, their families, all of our dedicated first responders, emergency management, medical personnel, and essential workers in your thoughts and prayers.


The most recent NPCOVID19 case statistics for the borough can be found on the borough website at:


We will continue to keep you updated as we receive confirmed information.


Please continue to follow all CDC safety protocols outlined here:



908-518-4307 or visit Alternatively you can visit


NJ COVID-19 Vaccine Information:


Additional resources and information are available to our residents on the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub at, and on our New Providence Borough website under the COVID-19 tab at


Given the current surge in COVID-19 cases, travel outside of your home should be limited. Gatherings must comply with current indoor and outdoor limits. For more information please visit,the%20following%20limits%20on%20gatherings.&text=General%20indoor%20gatherings%20must%20be,and%20stay%20six%20feet%20apart.


Congratulations to our Snowman Contest Winners! Thank you to our Recreation Department for hosting such a fun community event.



Stay safe, keep well, and be strong. We will get through this. Pioneer Strong!

– Mayor Al Morgan


New Providence