Golden Ticket Promotion – BIG Prizes to Win!


The Golden Ticket Promotion is still going on and there are HUGE prizes still to be found:

Diamond earrings from Braunschweiger Jewelers, diamond necklace from Ferdinand Jewelers, hair salon services and products from YK Salon, free dry cleaning from Tide Cleaners, a gift basket from Linda’s Creative Gifts, and orthodontic services from both Terrana Orthodontics and Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist! 

The contest continues until all of the tickets are distributed – someone is going to win – it could be YOU!

There are still tickets available at these merchants.

When you shop there you’ll receive a scratch-off ticket along with your receipt (while supplies last.) The more you shop, the more you can win! No one knows where the prizes are located – it’s up to YOU to find them! There are tons of prizes – from a free soft drink, to merchandise, free gas, a special service, or even a meal!

YK Salon had another promotion winner – Free haircut ticket redeemed!  Their GOLDEN TICKET PRIZE of $250 gift card AND $250 worth of products ($500 value!!) is yet to be found! SHOP NP to WIN!!
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