Storm Info

Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the lost, all those affected, the brave first responders, and everyone impacted in last night’s devastating storms in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

These storms are now heading our way tonight. JCP&L has extra crews out and will be on standby. Please prepare and be sure:

  1. All your devices are charged up/recharged.
  2. Check that you are registered with our Smart-911 system at and if yes that your Smart 911 is up to date at
  3. If you lose power, call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) to report your outage or report it online at or via text messaging (text “out” to 544487). Outage information is also available at 24/7 Power Center Maps:
  4. Please review all the Severe Storm Preparedness and Power Outage Reminders on our Borough website at

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