Important Cold Weather Safety Tips

Forecasters are predicting that daytime temperatures may be near or below freezing for an extended period of time, with temperatures well below freezing today and until Wednesday.  There is also the high probability of snow events during the upcoming weeks.  These early forecasts may change somewhat in coming days, but it is worth noting the general trend of winter weather affecting New Jersey in the near future.

In preparation for the imminent cold temperatures, please review this information on and  .

Failure to take proper precautions when working in the cold can result in serious health issues, including death.  Cold temperatures restrict arteries and blood flow, increasing the risk of health complications.  The threat of hypothermia, frost bite and serious injuries from shoveling or performing other strenuous activities in the cold, puts people at risk.   Studies have shown that snow shoveling is very similar to being at ‘peak exercise’ on a stress test, placing significant strain on the heart.

Freezing pipes are also a hazard in extremely cold weather.  Standing water freezes and expands in pipes, creating leaks or the “bursting” of pipes.  Detecting the leak or burst pipe is not always immediate and the damage to property can be substantial.  Past claims reported by members have ranged in the low tens of thousands of dollars to ones that are several hundred thousand dollars.  A little precaution now can prevent the mess, clean up, cost and hassle that always follows the cold weather and burst pipes.


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