Westfield Board of Health May 2022 COVID Report—New Providence

This week’s map shows all regions in the state in high activity.  Statewide, daily cases are 21% lower than last week but 40% higher than a month ago.  It does seem as though this wave has peaked as New Jersey’s rate of transmission is now 1, meaning the cases have leveled off.

Statewide, daily immunizations averaged 7.9K a day (down from 12.2K a day four weeks ago).  80.8% of all NJ residents 5+ are fully vaccinated.  113 vaccinations were given by the health department during the month of May. 

Information on vaccinated residents can be found on the COVID dashboard: https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/topics/covid2019_dashboard.shtml

This week, New Jersey saw a daily average of 3,845 confirmed cases (up from 3,621 cases four weeks ago and 1,332 cases eight weeks ago) and 11 average daily fatalities (up from 8 four weeks ago and 7 eight weeks ago).  New Jersey has the 7th highest confirmed cases per capita (did not change since last month).  Union County had an average of 226 cases reported a day the past two weeks.  Statewide, New Jersey had 928 hospitalizations reported today, which is the highest number in three months.  Overlook reports 26 hospitalized patients with COVID for the week of May 26th.

This week we will be pre-ordering vaccine for those under 5 years.  We anticipate being able to start immunizing this age group by the end of June.

The health department continues to provide vaccinations.  Residents can also book appointments online by visiting westfieldnj.gov/vaccine-appointments or by calling 908-789-4070.  Home visits continue to be offered as well.

New Providence