Electric Vehicles (EV) Infrastructure Study

Union County has undertaken an Electric Vehicles (EV) Infrastructure Study and is looking for feedback from residents/businesses/communities from around the County to help determine optimum EV charging station locations.  It is important that all communities have a voice in the development of the Union County EV charging network to ensure access for all.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and use the mapping tool to indicate proposed EV charging locations that you deem to be important to you and your community.  We respectively ask that you pass this information along to County residents, clients, and/or other businesses in an effort to obtain a robust response.  Attached please find an EV Infrastructure Newsletter that you can disseminate that contains background information and the links to the study and location map.

The website for the Study:    www.ucnj.org/ev-study

Survey site:   www.fhistudio-apps.com/uc-ev-study

County Press Release on the Study can be found at:  https://ucnj.org/press-releases/public-info/2022/09/15/union-county-starts-electric-vehicles-charging-infrastructure-study/

Please note that the survey will be available only until October 21st.

Thank you for your interest and please contact Ms. Liza Betz, Project Manager,  at ebetz@ucnj.org or 908 558-2273 if you have any questions or suggestions.


New Providence