Leaf Vacuuming Starts Monday, October 24

Please be advised that leaf vacuuming for permit holders will begin on the WEST side on Monday, October 24.  The leaf vacuum machines will be going throughout town this week as part of routine maintenance.  They are not vacuuming leaves until Monday, October 24.  

As a reminder, residents who  purchased a leaf permit must place the permit in a window or door that is visible from the street during their collection week.  These residents will have their leaves vacuumed at curbside in accordance with the schedule listed below.

  • Leaves must be placed in the roadway at curbside. Leaves cannot be put out until the Thursday before your scheduled pickup.  They must be put out by 6 AM Monday of your collection week as outlined below.
  • Sticks, rocks, or other debris may not be commingled into the leaf piles – they clog the vacuum.
  • Only leaves from your property are permitted.

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2022 Leaf Vacuuming Schedule
(Weather Permitting)
Summit Line to South Street
South Street to Berkeley Heights Line
October 31 October 24
November 14 November 7
December 5 November 28


New Providence