Volunteer Advisory Committees

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Beautification Committee

This committee makes recommendations to the governing body and executes new ideas for the Borough’s ambiance, character and appearance. This includes, but is not limited to enhancing parks and public property and selecting and placing appropriate decorative elements.  They also sell .

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee, assigned by the mayor, is responsible for assessing diversity and the cultural climate within the Borough of New Providence, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and creating a framework for inclusiveness and unity within our community.

Economic Development Committee

The New Providence Economic Development Committee was created and appointed by Council to identify, develop and evaluate potential economic development opportunities that enhance and improve economic diversity and sustainability within the Borough of New Providence.

Historic Preservation Committee

The Commission, appointed by the mayor, makes recommendations to the governing body and executes ideas for preserving the borough’s historical character including, but not limited to: identifying homes and buildings of significant interest within the borough; recognizing, identifying and fencing cemeteries within New Providence; recognizing historic buildings in the downtown area; and maintaining historical records pertaining to borough buildings and properties.

Insurance Advisory Committee

This committee reviews existing insurance plans and policies of the Borough, as well as coverage levels, and assists with policy renewals and pricing negotiations.

New Providence Public Art (NPPA) Committee

NPPA was formed in November 2015. It is dedicated to bringing public works of art to New Providence in order to enhance our environment aesthetically. NPPA receives borough support from the Department of Public Works for installations, but receives no funding from the borough for acquisitions or operations. It raises money through private donations and grants and enjoys non-profit status thanks to its partnership with the Downtown Improvement District.   Get information on public art installations in the Recreation hallway and outdoors, how to support NPPA,  how to volunteer, and how to contact NPPA.

New Providence Radio Club

The New Providence Radio Club supports emergency services of New Providence with alternate radio communications during training exercises or actual emergency events. Members of the Radio Club work closely with the Emergency Management Committee and report to the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Sustainability Committee – New Providence Green Team

This goal of the Sustainability Committee is to create a healthy community, now and in the future, by proposing measurable solutions to pressing environmental, social, and economic concerns of the Borough of New Providence, its partners and its people. This advisory committee, appointed by the mayor, will focus on the following areas: creating healthy living environments; protecting, restoring, and maintaining ecological integrity; conserving energy and natural resources, and using them efficiently; balancing social, economic, and environmental concerns in decision making; promoting equity, human dignity, and social justice; emphasizing compliance with relevant laws and regulations; and creating strong partnerships with neighbors, businesses and the community.

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