NOVEMBER 2020 Voter Information:

Every registered voter in New Providence will automatically receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot. Voters do not need to apply for a vote by mail application for this election. The New Providence  General Election ballots were sent to the post office on Saturday, September 19 If you did not receive your Vote-by-Mail ballot call 908-527-4996.  October 23rd is the last day to request a Vote-by-Mail ballot.  After October 23rd  you must pick up your Vote-by-Mail ballot in-person from your county clerk.  If you pick up a vote by mail ballot on Election Day, you have until 8 PM to return it to the county Board of Elections or your polling place, or deposit it in one of your county’s secure ballot drop boxes.

For assistance on how to vote by mail visit  www.unioncountyvotes.com/how-to-vote

You will not be permitted to vote on the machine if you go to your polling place.  Voters who appear at the polling location will be permitted to vote ONLY on a Provisional Paper Ballot. Only  voters who are unable to complete a paper ballot will be permitted to vote on an ADA accessible voting machine.
The Board of Election has assigned two polling places for New Providence voters on Election Day. You will be receiving a post card notifying you of your polling location.
Districts 1 – 6 Municipal Center Gymnasium
Districts 7-11 A W R School Gymnasium
Ballots may be returned one of several ways:
 1) You may mail your ballot through the US Postal Service. Your ballot will include a return postage-paid envelope, (no stamp necessary) which will be included in the VBM Ballot packet that you will receive. If you mail your ballot it must be postmarked on or before November 3, 2020. Ballots postmarked by November 3rd and received by November 10th will also be counted.
2) You also may deposit your ballot in a secure drop box which will be located at the parking lot side of the Library, 377 Elkwood Avenue.  If you are using the secure drop box, the deadline for delivering your ballot is 8:00 pm on November 3, 2020.
3) You may return your vote by mail ballot by going to your designated polling location. You will be required to sign the poll book and then the  poll worker will deposit your ballot into a secure transfer case.
4) Return your ballot to the: Union County Board of Elections, 271 North Board Street, Elizabeth, NJ.

Union County Clerk’s Office, 2 Broad Street, Room 113, Elizabeth, N.J.

Union County Clerk’s Office, 300 North Avenue East,  Westfield, N.J.

If you are delivering your ballot in-person, you may deliver it to  one of the above offices up until 8 pm on November 3rd; the night of the General Election.


Union County Clerk – www.unioncountyvotes.com

Union County Board of Elections – www.ucnj.org/boe

Check My Registration – www.unioncountyvotes.com/am-i-registered 

Track my Ballot – www.voter.svrs.nj.gov/registration-check

Union County Votes App – The Union County Votes app enables voters to find their polling place, request voter registration forms and vote-by-mail ballots, view sample ballots, and follow unofficial election results in real time. The app also provides information for persons interested in becoming a poll worker or running for office, including election filing dates and district maps.

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