Mayor & Borough Council

New Providence has been governed by a mayor and council since it was incorporated as an independent, self-governing municipality on March 14, 1899. The mayor is the chief executive of the borough and serves a four-year term. The mayor presides at council meetings but votes only in the case of a tie. The Borough Council acts as the legislative body of the borough and enacts the local laws or ordinances. Six council representatives are elected from the borough at large for three-year terms, which are staggered, so that two council representatives are elected each year.

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Al Morgan
Term expires December 31, 2026

908-665-1400 x 8250

Ex-officio member of all Committees

Chair – Public Safety
Member – Shared Dispatch Executive Board

Image of Mayor Al Morgan



Matthew Cumiskey

Borough Council President

Term expires December 31, 2024

908-665-1400 x 8253

Chair – Personnel
Chair – Shared Services
Vice-Chair – Communication
Vice-Chair – Engineering & Construction
Vice-Chair – Public Safety
Co-Liaison – Beautification Advisory Committee
Member – Business & Professional Association
Member – Planning Board

Diane Bilicska
Term expires December 31, 2025

908-665-1400 x 8252

Chair – Communication
Chair – Legal & Regulatory
Vice-Chair – Public Works/WWTP
Vice-Chair – Finance
Liaison – Sustainability Advisory Committee
Liaison – Historical Society
Co-Liaison – Board of Health
Member – Downtown Improvement District


Peter DeSarno
Term expires December 31, 2024

908-665-1400 x 8254

Chair – Community Activities
Chair -Ethics
Vice-Chair – Administration
Vice-Chair – Legal & Regulatory
Liaison – Board of Education
Liaison – Community Pool
Co-Liaison – Historical Society
Co-Liaison – Sustainability Advisory Committee

Nadine Geoffroy
Term expires December 31, 2023

908-665-1400 x 8251

Chair -Capital Review
Vice-Chair – Community Activities
Vice-Chair – Personnel
Vice-Chair – Shared Services
Vice-Chair – Public Safety
Liaison -Diversity Advisory Committee
Liaison -Mental Health
Liaison – Board of Health
Liaison – Municipal Alliance

Alexander Kogan
Term expires December 31, 2025

908-665-1400 x 8255

Chair – Engineering & Construction
Chair – Public Works/WWTP
Vice -Chair – Capital Review
Vice-Chair – Communication
Vice-Chair – Ethics
Liaison – Public Art Advisory Committee
Co-Liaison – Diversity Advisory Committee
Co-Liaison – Community Pool


Lisa McKnight
Term expires December 31, 2023

908-665-1400 x 8256

Chair – Administration
Chair – Finance
Vice -Chair – Ethics
Liaison – Beautification Advisory Committee
Co-Liaison – Mental Health
Co-Liaison – Board of Education
Co-Liaison – Municipal Alliance
Co-Liaison – Public Art Advisory Committee
Member – Library Board


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