COVID-19 Mental Health Resources


Mental Health Resources for Young Adults

Recently the Department of Children and Families has seen an increase in the numbers of calls received by its Children’s System of Care hotline. These calls are covering a whole host of mental health issues and triggers, but unsurprisingly, many of these calls are coming early in the morning from parents concerned with the signs of stress their kids are exhibiting as they prepare for their school day.

They have put together a new page on their COVID information hub with a wealth of mental health support resources for youth, parents, and educators. This all can be found at that website,


COVID Connect Entity (CCE)

CCE is a new initiative to provide support to the community during this difficult time. They are a grant funded venture formed by Rutgers UBHC and the State of New Jersey. Rutgers UBHC will serve as a 3rd party to assist clients with getting connected with a mental health clinician and/or substance abuse clinician to assist with their short term needs. They have a toll-free phone number which is live Monday-Friday 8 AM-8 PM, serving as an initial point of entry for individuals seeking mental health and substance uses services as a result of COVID-19. Therapeutic services are provided through telehealth only.


COVID Recovery Support Groups

Atlantic Health System is offering a support series for those in COVID recovery.

COVID-19 is contributing to a national mental health crisis. For those who have been on the long road to recovery after contracting COVID-19, recovery can be slow, confusing, scary and frustrating. Some of the more challenging aftereffects of COVID-19 can be understanding and managing emotions and “Brain Fog.” These can present as anxiety, depression, frustration, sleep disturbance and feelings of confusion and memory loss and, because of that, Atlantic Behavioral Health is an integral partner with the Atlantic Health System COVID Recovery Center. Please join our four-part virtual support series where you will get:

› Validation and support to deal with the continuum of emotions COVID-19 evokes

› Self-compassion and calming techniques – deep relaxation/mindfulness

› Strength and hope to create a spiritual healing plan to help face post-COVID-19 challenges

› And more

Please see flyer for details.


CDC Managing Stress and Anxiety


It’s OK to Not Feel OK video


The NJ Department of Human Services toll free “warm line”- a resource for people seeking mental health service. The warm line is available 24 hours and has operators in multiple languages.  The number is (877) 294-HELP (4357).


Support Services are available in Union County for residents who are experiencing anxiety or stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic:


NJ’s Mobile Response services provide real-time emergency counseling 24/7:  1-877-652-7624

If your child is in crisis, please call to talk to a professional anytime.



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