Department of Public Works

Image of New ProvidenceThe Department of Public Works manages a wide range of maintenance and improvement projects throughout the borough, including: maintaining all roadways in the Borough (except county roads); repaving roads; pothole patching; storm drain maintenance; storm drain installation; brook maintenance; sign work; tree work; plowing roads; salting roads and plowing borough parking lots. In addition, this Department handles traffic light maintenance; borough building maintenance; ball field maintenance; maintaining various borough buildings; leaf pickup; street sweeping; maintaining borough fleet; drainage work; Christmas tree pickup; skating pond maintenance; general citizen complaints; delivering barricades for block parties and upgrading all storm drains to meet D.E.P new storm water regulations.

Public Works Yard
Located at 4 Park Place off of Commonwealth Avenue (next to Oakwood Park)

Recycling drop off at the Dept. of Public Works – electronics, appliances, metal, heavy plastic – 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, 9 AM – 1 PM .  See calendar below for exact dates.

NOTE:  The Saturday Recycling drop off at Public Works is cancelled for 3/21 and 4/4

Leaf Collection – Leaf Vacuuming takes place from October – December and a permit is required.  More info on leaf collection is usually posted in September.  See calendar below for exact dates.
Leaves can also be placed in open garbage pales or biodegradable bags for Monday pickup per the grass/garden debris schedule (more info on the Garbage/Recycling page).


NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus, garbage collection will begin earlier at 3 AM.  Please have your garbage at the curb the night before your scheduled collection.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Recycling Schedule

Recycling will occur on alternating weeks between the east side and west side of the borough:

EAST side = Summit line to South St. (includes South St. even and Passaic St. odd numbered houses)

WEST side = Berkeley Heights line to South St. (includes South St. odd and Passaic St. even numbered houses)

Please see  the 2020 Calendar for details.


NOTICE – 2018 Recycling Regulation Changes:

The recycling industry  is experiencing high levels of contamination. This is coming at a time when the requirements for quality (clean recycling) are increasing due to new policies in China. These policies have banned twenty-four types of materials and include strict quality standards.  These significant changes are affecting the recycling industry world-wide.

When non-recyclable items (contamination) end up in recycling loads, they have the potential to turn the entire load into trash and increase processing costs resulting in contamination and/or additional service charges.  Please review the list below of recycling changes:

Don’t bag your recyclables. Plastic bags and film get tangled in the machinery.

Don’t include food-soiled items– they can turn an entire load of recycling into trash.

Don’t add sharp or dangerous materials like needles and electronics – they can cause injury to workers.

Don’ t toss in “tanglers” like rubber hoses and wires – they can shut down an entire recycling

Don’t include bulky items like propane tanks or construction debris.


Check out the new Recycle Coach for detailed  recycling information and a downloadable app!


Thank you for your cooperation.  For additional tools on recycling right and the do’s and don’ts of recycling, see the recyclable materials list.

Information regarding garbage collection, recycling, bulk collection, and other services can be found in the Borough Calendar below:


2020 Borough Calendar


Office Hours

7 AM to 3:30 PM Monday – Friday. The Department of Public Works is located on Park Place (near Oakwood Park).

Contact Numbers
Public Works Manager/Director – Ralph – 908-665-1076

Assistant Manager – Robert – 908-665-1076

Chief Mechanic – Carl – 908-665-1076

Assistant Foreman, Streets and Roads – Scott – 908-665-1076

Maintenance Mechanic – Greg – 908-665-1400

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