From: Marvin, Douglas - Borough Administrator
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 5:04 PM
To: David A. Clark, P.E.
Cc: Barry, Wendi - Borough Clerk; Andrew Hipolit; Mark Demareski
Subject: RE: Banner Poles

Thanks Dave – I appreciate your quick response…




From: David A. Clark, P.E. []
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 4:52 PM
To: Marvin, Douglas - Borough Administrator
Cc: Barry, Wendi - Borough Clerk
Subject: RE: Banner Poles




Recommended maximum size is 3 feet tall and 20 feet wide.  The banner(s) should be of suitable banner material and weight (16 oz. - 22 oz.), double stitched hems with grommets approx. every 2 feet.  Nylon webbing sewn into the hem will help strengthen the banner.  The weight of the fabric is in direct proportion to the durability of the banner.  Lighter weight fabric = less durable (also less expensive).  Heavier fabric = more durable (more expensive).  Reinforced corners with D-ring attachments are also recommended for the banner corners, especially if it will be used for an extended period, or it will be used multiple times. 


Stainless steel spring clamps (a.k.a. snap hooks, carabiner – see image below – note interlocking closure) should be used to attach the banner to the upper and lower wires at each grommet location.  Multiple spring clamps can be used in series if the attachment wires are too far apart for the banner. 


Either rope or bungee cords can be used at the corners (use bungee cords to U-Clamps attached to the upper and lower wires).  See the attached image obtained from U.S. Banner Corp. for reference.  The bungee cords allow for some “give” in wind gust situations.  Rope does not provide as much “give”.  If extreme wind conditions are expected (tropical storms, hurricanes, etc.), I recommend removing the banner prior to the event, if at all possible.


The other issue is should you install wind slits (u-shaped cuts) in the banner.  There is no clear consensus on this.  Although the wind  slits reduce the wind load, they also will reduce the strength of the banner.  Most of the information I have found recommends increasing the weight of the banner material if wind is a concern. 



Description:$(KGrHqN,!p0E63ZpIHhbBO4Nm!UiT!~~60_57.JPGSPRING CLAMP/SNAP HOOK



Description: Seadog Wire Rope ClipWIRE U-CLAMP



I hope this helps.




David A. Clark, PE, Project Manager
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From: Marvin, Douglas - Borough Administrator []
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 2:58 PM
To: David A. Clark, P.E.
Cc: Barry, Wendi - Borough Clerk
Subject: Banner Poles




We had an inquiry from a local charity to hang a banner from the new banner poles that were designed by Suburban Consulting for New Providence.  I asked our engineers for the size of the banners and they indicate there is nothing in the specification about the size and type of the banners.


Please let me know what material and size the banners would be to fit on the banner poles.




Doug Marvin


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