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YOROZU by azure

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New Providence, NJ, USA

I am very much into making things. Anything really, from illustration to animation to food to woodworking to textile. Some I am more confident than others, but making things by hand from scratch has always been a thing.

I try to keep my ingredients as clean as I can, meaning I try to stay away from a lot of milti-syllable scientific sounding ingredients in my food.  I hope to provide the most home-made tasting (good) cookies with lots of flavor but not just a pile of sugar, and of course, pretty. To add to that, one of my missions is to get as many people to enjoy the treats, which includes people with food allergies.

I am all about sustainability and going green. I care about the earth for all our children and their children. I do my best to find either recyclable or biodegradable source cello wraps and single-use gloves for packaging and preparing. Any compostable items used in the process of my cookie production are composted in our compost bin or fed to my worms, recyclable plastic films and other recyclable items are recycled. Some fruits and herbs used in the recipe may be grown in our back yard!

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