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The simplest way is to know where your child is, and confirm with the parents at that home. A simple phone call will either confirm that it is an innocent get together, or catch the kids planning an unsupervised party.

No. An investigation is initiated by a complaint from a concerned citizen or an officer’s observation that underage drinking is taking place on private or public property. The police respond and if they see probable cause (such as intoxicated teens and/or evidence of alcohol consumption on the property) or a situation involving a medical/safety issues, they act.

Yes. The ordinance does not apply if a child under the legal age consumes alcohol in the presence of and with the permission of a parent/guardian or in connection with a religious observance.

A fine of $250 for a first offense and $350 for subsequent offenses. In addition, driving privileges may be suspended or postponed for 6 months.

No. An individual found to be in violation of this ordinance would be issued a municipal ordinance violation ticket, similar to that issued for a parking violation. This does not constitute an arrest.

The names of juveniles under 18 years of age are prohibited from being published.

No. The Community Caretaking Exception gives the police the authority to enter a private residence without a warrant if there is suspicion of a medical emergency or other imminent threat to public safety. The Ordinance exists to give police the opportunity to intervene before an emergency or tragedy occurs. Please see the accompanying link about an incident that occurred in town where the Community Caretaking Exception was invoked. Caretaking Example

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