Liquor License

The Borough Council adopted Resolutions (,)  approving the sale of a class C liquor license and setting the date of Hearing for the sale of the liquor consumption license that permits the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink or single bottle.  The borough will utilize what is commonly known as the historical method to evaluate applicants to determine whether their proposal is in the best public interest. The Resolutions detail the procedure for applicants interested in obtaining a license.  Persons interested in bidding on the liquor license are encouraged to become familiar with the Resolutions linked above and the detailed instructions linked below.

In order to bid on the license, interested parties must submit complete applications.  At a public hearing, each applicant is evaluated by the issuing authority, considering factors such as intended use, location, traffic, aesthetics, proximity to churches and schools, land use provisions, ratable impact, community needs, parking, business experience, etc.   The Borough of New Providence is not required to issue a license after publishing notice if it is determined that issuance to those who have applied will not be in the best public interest.  Applicants will adhere to the  and the following timeline:

Liquor License Time-Line

Thursday, June 14, 2018 – Ten (10) Information Packets must be submitted to the Borough Clerk no later than 10 AM.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018– Borough Council special meeting, 7 PM in the Council Chambers.  Applicant presentations.


The  is available for reference.

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