New Providence Alliance Mission

To achieve a drug free community and improve and enhance the quality of life for all who work and live in the Borough of New Providence.

To establish a comprehensive approach to community based efforts to prevent alcoholism and drug use.

To fulfill this mission we must identify the specific needs of the community, determine the type and scope of education and prevention programs which best address these needs, and implement effective and efficient programs.

To work in conjunction with other Municipal Alliances, Union County Alcohol and Drug Prevention Agencies, and the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse for the purpose of achieving mutual goals.

It is the responsibility of the New Providence Alliance:

To enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to identify risk factors.

To target populations and assure the effective use of resources.

To establish borough-wide prevention and education programs and coordinate awareness and information dissemination efforts through county and local government agencies, elected officials, police, school, religious, business, civic and other community groups.

To promote and encourage a change in community attitude so as to promote community health, safety and substance abuse prevention.

To identify funding sources in order to conduct, promote and expand our
education and prevention efforts.

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