NEW! THE BLACK POSTER PROJECT: A powerful program organized by Alumni in Recovery that includes both daytime assemblies during the school day and an evening event open for all community members.  Speakers will include young people in substance abuse recovery.  

The Black Poster Project is a presentation called Silent Memorials. It’s a powerful and moving display that honors lives lost to overdose deaths.

•L.E.A.D. PROGRAM: A ten week  program for all 5th graders led by our own NPPD that focuses on drug and alcohol abuse education and the promotion of positive alternatives.

EVERY 15 MINUTES: A two day program for high school Juniors and Seniors to teach them the harsh reality of drinking and driving crashes. This is a very impactful program that carries a strong message to all participants and observers.

•SAVE A LIFE TOUR: This program educates high school Juniors and Seniors on Alcohol, Drugged, and Distracted driving and includes a thought-provoking video and personal stories of the loss of loved ones.  The program includes a state-of-the-art, interactive driving simulation that shows how alcohol and drugs impair driving.  

•CONSENT 101: Program for high school students designed to prevent the perpetration of sexual harassment, dating abuse and sexual abuse

•PROJECT GRADUATION: An all-night celebration for the High School graduation class in a supervised substance free environment.

•HS SENIOR PROGRAM: Offered to all New Providence High School seniors. Addresses issues they face as they transition to college or post high school life as it relates to drugs, alcohol and self-esteem. Provides them with the tools imperative to help them thrive and overcome obstacles they may come across.

•TEEN ALTERNATIVES: Events for teens, including Middle School and 6th grade dances, featuring Alliance funded DJs.

•PEER LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS: Prepares Middles School and High School students to lead discussions, activities and workshops for their peers on issues related to stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and alcohol and drug awareness.

•RED RIBBON WEEK: A nationally recognized weeklong drug free celebration. Local kickoff event includes middle school students tying red ribbons and a Proclamation from the Mayor and Borough Council.

•NEW PROVIDENCE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: Presented to two graduating NPHS seniors who demonstrate leadership qualities, community service, and are positive role models.

•NEWSLETTER: Newsletters to raise community awareness of substance abuse related issues both locally and regionally and promote Alliance sponsored events and activities.

•NIGHTS OF CONVERSATION: Topics of interest targeted to parents in the community to educate them on trends to be aware of, such as Vaping, Mental Health, etc.

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