•D.A.R.E. PROGRAM: A ten week Drug Resistance Abuse Resistance Education program for all 5th graders.

EVERY 15 MINUTES: A two day program for high school Juniors and Seniors to teach them the harsh reality of drinking and driving crashes. This is a very impactful program that carries a strong message to all participants and observers.

•CONSENT 101 – Program for high school students designed to prevent the perpetration of sexual harassment, dating abuse and sexual abuse

•PROJECT GRADUATION: An all-night celebration for the High School graduation class in a supervised substance free environment.

•HS SENIOR PROGRAM: Offered to all New Providence High School seniors. Addresses issues they face as they transition to college or post high school life as it relates to drugs, alcohol and self-esteem. Provides them with the tools imperative to help them thrive and overcome obstacles they may come across.

•SAFETY BUG: A simulated drinking and driving hands-on experience offered in conjunction with the PA State Police and NP Police Department. NPPD also leads classroom discussion related to program.

•TEEN ALTERNATIVES: Events for teens, including Middle School and 6th grade dances, featuring Alliance funded DJs.

•PEER LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS: Prepares Middles School and High School students to lead discussions, activities and workshops for their peers on issues related to stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and alcohol and drug awareness.

•FOREST FRIENDS/PREHISTORIC PALS: Two early elementary prevention programs that target pre-K through 2nd grade students and explore character-building qualities needed by children to make responsible decisions.

•RED RIBBON WEEK: A nationally recognized weeklong drug free celebration. Local kickoff event includes middle school students tying red ribbons and a Proclamation from the Mayor and Borough Council.

•NEW PROVIDENCE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: Presented to two graduating NPHS seniors who demonstrate leadership qualities, community service, and are positive role models.

•NEWSLETTER: Newsletters to raise community awareness of substance abuse related issues both locally and regionally and promote Alliance sponsored events and activities.

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