Administration Division/Detective Bureau

Lieutenant Daniel Henn

Lieutenant Henn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Marist College and graduated from the John H. Stamler Police Academy on December 7, 1999. Lieutenant Henn began his career with the New Providence Police Department in January 2000 and currently serves as the Department’s Patrol Commander.

Lieutenant Henn is certified as an Alcotest operator, Accident Investigator, radar operator, CPR and AED operation. He has formerly served as the Terminal Agency Coordinator, Alcotest coordinator and was trained as a Drug Recognition Expert and a DARE officer.  He is also certified in Methods of Instruction and previously taught new Police recruits at the John H. Stamler Police Academy, focusing on Report Writing and Patrol Practices.  He most recently supervised the Detective Bureau until his promotion to Lieutenant in September 2017.

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