Traffic Safety Bureau


The Traffic Safety Bureau is responsible for investigating all serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. In addition, they maintain computerized traffic and speed counts on borough roadways and work in conjunction with borough officials on problem areas within the community.

The Traffic Safety Bureau also maintains, trains and supervises all school crossing guards, coordination with construction companies on all borough construction projects and handling any traffic related complaints within the Borough.


The Traffic Safety Bureau conducts child safety seat inspections and educational programs that focus on topics such as drunk driving and distracted driving.

Traffic Studies

When the Traffic Safety Bureau receives a speeding complaint, typically the first step in the resolution of the complaint is to conduct a traffic study. While the anecdotal experiences of residents are important, the data in the traffic study is the main driver in how to respond in an effective and efficient manner. Traffic studies provide the following vital information:

  • 85th Percentile Speed (the speed at or below 85% of vehicles travel)
  • Vehicle Count
  • Most Effective Times for Enforcement
  • To request a traffic study contact a member of the Traffic Safety Bureau.


Recent Speed Studies:

Website Test Speed Study Document
Website Test Speed Study Document
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New Providence